They Don’t Speak for Me

White Evangelicals don’t speak for me.  I have a hard time calling them Christians.  That’s okay, they probably have a hard time calling me Christian too. By White Evangelicals I mean the socially and politically conservative lobbying group that is focused on ramping back civil rights, women’s rights and equal rights for all. 

Perhaps White Evangelicals don’t speak for you either.

I believe in the love of God for all people.  I try hard to live that belief every day.  Of course, I fail miserably which is why I also believe in grace.  I believe that my faith should inform my opinions on what happens in the world.  I identify myself as a Progressive Christian with social and political views that benefit the poor, the dispossessed and the voiceless.

Therefore, I believe:

  • the entire creation is God’s doing and God is in all of creation.
  • climate change is real.
  • it is okay to be gay and Christian.
  • housing and health care are basic human rights.
  • access to free and equal education is a basic human right.
  • the world is millions of years old.
  • in marriage equality.
  • that a fetus remains a fetus until it is viable outside the mother’s body.
  • no one should be excluded from adopting a child based on religion, sexual orientation, marital status or the color of their skin.
  • our social order benefits from common sense gun control.
  • in a living wage for all workers.
  • profits before people is a sin.
  • in equal pay for equal work.
  • authentic faith has no place for hatred, bigotry and intolerance.
  • the loudest voice doesn’t have to win.

The bible I read speaks of a God whose steadfast love endures forever, a God who is relentlessly just and infinite in mercy. 

In the bible I read:

  • Jesus calls the rich to accountability; Jesus talks more about the poor and the hungry that any other single topic.
  • Jesus condemns the collusion between religious and civil leaders
  • God speaks through the prophets. For example, “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to talk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)
  • God’s love is for all people; there are no “in” groups or “out” groups
  • Love wins, always.

White Evangelicals have besmirched the word “evangelical” which means Good News. I believe they give loving evangelical Christians who genuinely desire to share the Good News of Jesus Christ a bad name in the world. What White Evangelicals are peddling has nothing to do with God, Jesus and the bible.

If they don’t speak for you, speak up and speak for yourself.  Speak for the God of love and justice and grace and peace. Find a like-minded community where your faith is nurtured and challenged.  Subscribe to publications like Sojourners and the Christian Century to feed your spirit with points of view that are consistent with your faith and that challenge your faith. Speak to social issues from a place of faith and bring a broad loving perspective to the conversation.  They are the loudest voice only because we are not. 


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