Dear Attorney General Sessions, I’m Still Waiting for Your Call

It is clear that the Administration has no moral compass.  Despite being the party that claims to have an affinity to (white) Evangelical Christians, it is painfully clear that no biblical faith-based foundation is anywhere to be found.  So I continue my primer in basic biblical tenets of the Judeo-Christian faith.  Much of what you will read doubles as simply being a human being and having some compassion and common sense.  Y’all might want to try it sometime. 

 The First Lady thought it would be too difficult for her son to make the move to Washington in the middle of the school year. How is it that there is no consideration for the lifelong trauma caused to immigrant children by separating them from their parents?  To make this mess worse, there is no plan to reunite children with their parents.  

Scripture repeatedly gives us a choice to respond to God’s initiative. The ways of life and death are set before us and we are invited to choose life. When we say no, it doesn’t change God; it breaks God’s heart. Hearts that are bound by greed and power deny justice to God’s people. The command of scripture is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbor as ourselves. It is a central theme of both testaments.

The basic thing that you continue to miss is that God has an eternal love affair with creation and humanity.  God’s love for all God made is unconditional, eternal and unfailing.  I suggest you read the book of Psalms and see how many times the phrase, “steadfast love,” appears as a description of God.  You can get back to me with your answer.  And yes, Mr. Sessions that love extends to you too.  We are all created in divine image for holy purpose. To say this administration breaks God’s heart is an understatement.

There’s another part that you miss by a country mile. When God’s love is deeply internalized, life is lived in obedience and gratitude. As God’s workers in the world, we embody the love that God has for creation and for all people. Obedience to God’s dream for creation is our first and final vocation. As the ­old hymn goes, “Love so amazing so divine, demands my soul my life my all.”  (Listen here) Perhaps you know it, even though it was penned by a congregational minister (the tradition I proudly claim as my own).

Another central biblical theme is hospitality to strangers, aliens and travelers. We are admonished to care for them as we care for our own families.  Perhaps you might like to send your children/grandchildren to the great “summer camp” tent city. They can join several thousand children sitting in blistering heat detained in cages and separated from their families.  Sounds like a rocking good time, eh?

This leads to another central theme of Scripture: grace and mercy.  In a nutshell it means that we don’t get what we deserve.  I think that should come as mighty good news to you.  More importantly, the families that came here for refuge and safety don’t deserve what they are getting either.  They were described by the Occupant as “invading our country” making them sound like vermin.  They were called animals.  While you are studying scripture you might also want to look at a few history books.  Dehumanizing an entire population is a dangerous step toward fascism, one that was taken early on by the Nazis as they began their pogrom against the Jews.

To faithfully interpret scripture, it must be read as a whole.  Cherry picking verses that fit a point of view skew the biblical message of love, justice, mercy and grace.  There is nothing biblically justifiable about doing what this administration’s treatment of immigrants.

Mr. Sessions, I admonish you to read the book you claim as holy and seek the guidance found there. My offer to you for private bible study lessons stands. Call me when you’re ready.

In the mean time I offer a verse from a great hymn of the church: “Christian rise and act your creed. Let your prayer be in your deed. Seek the right, perform the true. Raise your work and life anew.” (Listen Here)

PS: Be sure to check the “Photo of the Moment” It is said that everyone has a double; this photo shows yours.

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